What vegetable did the pilgrims think was poisonous?

Answer potatoes

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When were the Pilgrims first called Pilgrims?

The first Puritan settlers of Plymouth, Massachusetts, were first called Pilgrims by Daniel Webster in an 1820 patriotic speech. This speech idealizes the Puritans' travel to the new world, equatin... Read More »

Vegetable/fruit ABCs. Can you think of any?

F- figH- HuckleberryJ- Juan canary MelonK- kumquatN-NectarineQ- QuinceU- UgilV- VoavangaX- XiguaIts all on this link :…Hope I could help!

I Think i got a Poisonous spider Bite If i wait till tommorrow to get it seen WILL I DIE?

When roosevelt spoke in this passage of the spreading of poisonous propaganda by those who seek to destroy unit to whom do you think he was referring to?