What variations do cactus have?

Answer they are tallthe have spikes to stop predators from biting cactus and drinking its waterthe have in the so they are drought resistance

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What is this cactus Is it even a cactus?

I have the exact same succulent in my collection and it is not brown because of tap water, this is its natural color. The amount of brown may vary depending on the amount of sunlight (direct or ind... Read More »

How to Find Out What Kind of Cactus You Have?

Cacti come in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes. Perhaps out of curiosity you want to know how best to take care of your cactus, or maybe you just want to know what to tell your friends when th... Read More »

We have had 2 Christmas cactus plants for ages one has turned a purplish red, have we killed it?

Christmas Cacti are very hard to kill. I had one 10 years ago that turned purplish red in the heat of my south facing conservatory. It's still here.

Why do cactus have flowers?

All plants have flowers. The flower is the plant's sex organ, which is used to release and receive pollen. The pollen is used by the plant to produce seeds, which produce new plants.