What vacuum cleaners did James dyson invent?

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Are Dyson vacuum cleaners any better than regular vacuum cleaners?

The hype would say so. No bag, high vortex currents and no clog filters ensure there is always vacuum. Personal experience of the DC01, there are times when the dyson is more efficient and times wh... Read More »

What did James Dyson invent?

James Dyson invented the Dyson vacuum cleaner, which uses cyclone technology to prevent it from clogging or losing suction. Dyson was born May 2, 1947, in Norfolk, England, and invented his vacuum ... Read More »

How do you open dyson vacuum cleaners lit?

Because the temperature is the same inside and outside the can, moisture condenses on the outside once you take the can from the fridge into a warmer humid place, however this would not happen if y... Read More »

Who invented Dyson vacuum cleaners?