What usually happens to the stock market in January?

Answer At the beginning of the year, an event called the "January effect" occurs in the U.S. stock market. Stocks from smaller corporations might see an irregular boost, with their prices jumping higher o... Read More »

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Is the stock market open on January 2nd?

The stock market is open on Jan. 2 unless it is a Saturday or Sunday, which are nontrading days. For example, in 2010, the stock market was closed Jan. 2, because it was a Saturday. The stock marke... Read More »

What happens to the stock market in a reccesion?

When businesses fail, stock markets crumble. In a recession, stock markets sink because firms that used to make financial gains make less, or very little, profit. Firms that really get his hard in ... Read More »

What Happens When the Stock Market Drops a Point?

Investors trade stocks to build long-term wealth. Stocks however, carry the distinct risk of financial losses. Although stock market declines of one point are relatively insignificant, the factors ... Read More »

What was the longest bear market in stock market history?

The longest bear market was from September 1929 to July 1932, according to BBC News. Not only was it the longest bear market, but the markets also did not recover from that slump for 22 months. The... Read More »