What uses more water doing a load of dishes in the dishwasher or by hand?

Answer by hand

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Approximately 10.5 gallons of water is used in a dishwasher Washing the dishes by hand can use up to 20 gallons of water?

Most travel mugs aren't as they have lead and special metal, that will become contaminated and making the cup unusable if put in the dishwasher. However, you can always check with your maufactuer.

How do you load dishes into a dishwasher?

cups on top, plates and bowls, on bottom.

Do you wash your dishes by hand or use a dishwasher?

Why is it better to use a dishwasher than wash dishes by hand?

Actually the heat applied to dishes sanitizes killing gerns and food poisioning bacteria. Actually hand wash never sanitizes plates like Hot hot extreemly hot water does. Thats how you prevent des... Read More »