What uses more energy: microwave or toaster oven?

Answer On One Hand: The Numbers Do Not LieThe typical toaster oven uses about 1,200 to1,700 watts of energy, compared to a microwave, which uses only 750 to 1,100 watts. Also, toaster ovens require prehe... Read More »

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Is it cheaper to run the microwave or the toaster oven?

When it comes to energy--which translates into the cost to operate--the microwave uses 750 to 1100 watts of energy, while a toaster oven uses an average 1225 watts. Microwaves also have shorter coo... Read More »

How energy efficient is a microwave oven?

Depending on the wattage. High wattage use more power but take less time to cook food. Low wattage use less power but take longer to cook food.

How to cook a pillsbury toaster scramble in a toaster oven?

A bit late, but you may still have some in the freezer. In a toaster oven, one cycle usually does the trick. Use the same settings as you would to make golden-brown toast, usually medium to medium-... Read More »

Cuisinart toaster oven malfunctionI have purchased 3 cuisinart toaster ovens 2 have emitted a high pitched noise 1 stays hot after it is off I am afraid it will start a fireWhat should I do?

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