What use is coffee Why do we set aside land to grow it, instead of edible foods?

Answer We have plenty of edible foods. Coffee can be grown on hills in the mountains where most vegetables can't grow anyway.Life is for more than just living, unless you are a communist. Coffee is consi... Read More »

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What to use instead of milk in coffee?

You can slowly decrease the amount of milk you put into your coffee until your using none. Also check the ingredients in the product called Silk.

What can l drink instead of coffee?

Flavoured water ...I started drinking those recently and have less headaches now

Are coffee beans edible?

Yes, coffee beans are edible and are often eaten with chocolate. They have been eaten historically by people from all walks of life, including monks and African tribesmen, who consume them for incr... Read More »

What happens if I feed a plant coffee instead of water?

your plant will mutate into a flesh eating carnvoure. If you have small pets or children i would not let them near the new mutant plant. The plant will become smarter each day and in the end tak... Read More »