How to Play "What a Fool"?

Answer "What a Fool" is a game that makes great fun and lots of laughs at a party, although one person may feel embarrassed! Although this game may sound "retarded" and "dumb", it still may cheer up a gro... Read More »

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What celebrity made the biggest fool out of themselves?

Britney made a lot of bad choices this year. Bad girl. Bye! NIce Q u get a star.

What 80's TV show starred the man who coined the term you pity the fool?

I feel a fool for asking but can someone explain to me what IMAO means please.?

Well, after having been told 27 times what the answer is (when once would have done....!) we can all safely assume you now know what LMAO means.

How to Become a Fool?

Though a proverb says: "fools despise wisdom and discipline"—yet wisdom is supreme and to be desired above [many] other things. Wisdom gives light to the eyes, while foolishness causes blindness.... Read More »