How to Become a Fool?

Answer Though a proverb says: "fools despise wisdom and discipline"—yet wisdom is supreme and to be desired above [many] other things. Wisdom gives light to the eyes, while foolishness causes blindness.... Read More »

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How to Play "What a Fool"?

"What a Fool" is a game that makes great fun and lots of laughs at a party, although one person may feel embarrassed! Although this game may sound "retarded" and "dumb", it still may cheer up a gro... Read More »

Scams That Can Fool Just About Anyone?

Lotto games are random drawings where the prize awarded can grow over time. From Powerball to Mega Millions to Cash 5, there are a variety of different lotto games to choose from. Finding the best ... Read More »

How to Fool Key Loggers?

Key loggers are a security threat to anyone who types sensitive information on a computer. They are able to keep a log of everything that is typed on a computer, including user accounts and passwor... Read More »

How to Make a Fool's Dinner?

Do your kids balk when it comes to eating their peas and carrots? With this meal, they're in for a sweet surprise.