What universal remote will work with your jvc?

Answer Tandy Corporation :-)

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Can any universal remote will work with Harman AVR 25 II Please suggest a universal remote that works with AVR 25 II.?

the carshop, in alhambra. They Fix my HOFCO 3 remote, one of the buttons was not working. And the also program it for me.

What universal remote will work with a Linytron Sharp TV including the menu functions or can it be done through the TV without the remote and no menu button on the TV?

Answer More than likely the remote is a radio device and the control circuit of the energy saving lamp is emitting interference on the same frequency as the remote. Answer The remote controller has... Read More »

Will universal remote work with comcast hd dvr?

Will a universal remote control work with a Samsung TV?

Most universal remote controls will work on a Samsung television. However, you must have access to the code for the exact brand of Samsung you own. Each universal remote control has a list of codes... Read More »