What u mean by "LOL" this used in chating rooms?

Answer laugh out loud:)

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What equipment is used for moving mattresses between hotel rooms?

When moving mattresses between hotel rooms, there are two common options. Most commonly used is a hand truck. The hand truck supports 600 pounds, and will quickly and effortlessly transport mattres... Read More »

Hotel rooms booked for double occupancy -- what does that mean?

"Double occupancy" refers to a room set up for two guests. However, the hotel industry often charges double occupancy, regardless of whether one or two guests are staying in the room, and will thus... Read More »

What does having care and control of your animal mean when used in the setting of a condo policy. Are the cats allowed to run free under this policy?

The language 'care and control' implies that 'run free' is inadequate. You can send a letter to the board complaining of the free-running cats. In some geographies, free-running cats are better k... Read More »

My EFC is 00009* What does this mean, does this mean im expected to pay 9 dollars a year?

This means that your Expected Family Contribution for that particular award year is $9. Which means that as far as Pell Grant is concerned you are Eligible for the full award minus $9. It also mean... Read More »