What types of symptoms would a person on stress leave exhibit?

Answer Answer Stress! Answer Here is an excellent website that discusses short and long term physical and behavioral symptoms of stress:

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Can stress cause a person to have symptoms of pregnancy?

AnswerStress can definitely cause a person to have symptoms that are similar to pregnancy. Over eating in stressful times in life causes gradual weight gain. Stress levels affect menstrual cycles, ... Read More »

Minamata disease what symptoms did humans exhibit?

The disease is characterized by peripheral sensory loss, tremors, dysarthria, ataxia, and both hearing and visual loss.

What r d symptoms of drug addicted person,Wht r d symptoms of a person who has gone through drug rehabilitatio?

well in most cases a drug addect or an x addect can detect another addect , the sypmtoms of a person that has gone through a drug program is the same as anyone else there are none , yes some ... Read More »

Is diarrhea an early sign of pregnancy if it is the only symptom you exhibit or could the cause be stress from worrying about pregnancy?

Answer It is most likely a sign of stress from worrying about being pregnant. Diarrhea isn't necessarily a pregnancy symptom. A lot of pregnant women experience constipation during early pregnancy.... Read More »