What types of seafood can pregnate woman eat?

Answer On your early trimester, you want to hold off seafood like shrimps, crabs, clams etc because of mercury and toxic reasons. White fish should be ok. Have it steamed even deep fried. Lotus root (leng... Read More »

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If you are stranded in the desert with a pregnate woman and her water breaks, is it potable?

Yes, but don't look at where it came from or you might go straight!

How can a woman get six-pack abs What to eat, when, how much Exercise-how much, what types?

Getting a nice set of abs is such a misunderstood process. It's actually a lot easier than most people think which is why most people are in a never ending quest to get that perfect six pack - it's... Read More »

Am I pregnate or not? can only pregnated when a boi kissis a gurl and she hugs him back.

Is it bad to smoke pot while your pregnate?

Um....yeah. Not a good idea. Research on WebMD or something, or Yahoo it. Drugs and alcohol are not good for pregnant women, you should see some of the disorders that some kids are born with, it's ... Read More »