What types of plants are being modified?

Answer do you mean genetic modification? mostly soybean and potatoes, a bit of corn and rice.if you mean any kind of modification then all plant life undergoes modifications all the time

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Gardeners- What worries you more, invasive exotic species from around the world or genetically modified plants?

Invasive species. Plants and the herbivores that feed on them have co-evolved for millenia, and there's a delicate balance between the organism and the organisms that control its spread within the... Read More »

What are the types of plants?

There are nearly 500,000 different kinds of plants. About 2,000 new kinds of plants are discovered or developed every year.

What are 2 types of plants?

They can be :- Cryptogammes or Phanerogammes Embryonic or Non embryonic Vascular or Non vascular

The Types of Diseases in Plants?

The healthiest of plants can succumb to disease. Their once healthy, uniform leaves tend to droop, the color changes to something less desirable, and they sometimes take on a dusty appearance. Ther... Read More »