What types of plants& animals live in lakes?

Answer Animals and plants that live in lakes are called freshwater aquatics. For a plant to be considered aquatic, it must complete part or all of its life cycle in the water. For animals, they must live ... Read More »

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What kind of animals& plants live in Africa?

Africa has a multitude of natural wonders among its plants and animals. These lifeforms are perfectly adapted to the climates that they find themselves living in. The variety and wonder of life flo... Read More »

What Types of Animals Live in the Congo Rainforest?

The central region of Africa is home to the Congolese rainforest. This rainforest is the second-largest in the world, according to Greenpeace, with the Amazon rainforest taking the top spot. Much o... Read More »

What Kind of Animals and Plants Live in a Desert Biome?

Deserts makes up one-fifth of the Earth's surface. Most are at low altitudes, such as the Sahara in Africa, but some are high deserts in the mountains, such as those in Nevada and Utah in the Unite... Read More »

What Are Some Plants & Animals That Live in the Arctic?

The Arctic is often described as one of the toughest places to live on Earth. Though mostly covered in snow, this region hosts myriad plant and animal life that has adapted well to its harsh condit... Read More »