What types of music are played in the nightclubs in US?

Answer All different kinds of music

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What or which Houston nightclubs are close to the London nightclubs?

No Houston bar will be close to London England. Houston is in North America and London is in Europe.

Does anyone know about this cassette which can be played on vcr by accepting all types of cmeracorder tapes.?

VHS C has an adaptor that a VHS C tape can be put into to play directly in a VHS player.another way is if you simply connect the red, yellow & white RCA plugs /cable to the VHS & camera, you can pl... Read More »

What type of music is played in Spain?

Spain's rich musical history has been shaped by the different ethnic groups that have populated the country during the past few centuries. Although some popular styles are widespread, many musical ... Read More »

Where can you get the music played on the TV show The Closer?

They do this go-around thing. Which means they switch all their interns for awhile.