What types of floors are floor buffers for?

Answer Floor buffers are available in several varieties and are used to clean, polish and wax floors made of wood, concrete, stone and other hard or sealed materials. Low powered floor buffers outfitted ... Read More »

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Can a second floor condo have concrete floors?

Hospitals, universities, and other large commercial buildings often have concrete floors throughout the building, so there's nothing stopping you as long as the structure itself is strong enough to... Read More »

Are there any floor steamers you can use on laminate floors?

AnswerSteamersWhen cleaning your laminate floors, it's important to make sure that your efforts don't leave puddles behind. Water left sitting on the floor can ruin the finish and actually cause da... Read More »

Can you use floor steamers on hardwood floors?

Yes, you can safely clean sealed hardwood floors with a steam cleaner. Do not use a steam cleaner on an unfinished hardwood floor or a hardwood floor with a damaged finish.References:Steam Cleaners... Read More »

How do I prep the floor for ceramic floors?

Clean upSweep the floor with a wet/dry vacuum to remove any leftover dirt and debris from the previous floor.Check for FlatnessExamine the floor to ensure it is flat enough for installation using a... Read More »