What types of dogs are usually not allowed by home owners insurance?

Answer Although some states are fighting against "breed discrimination" in homeowner's insurance policies, many insurance companies still consider some breeds, such as pit bulls, rottweilers, Doberman pin... Read More »

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What is the law of Las Vegas Nevada on how many dogs are allowed in a North Las Vegas community residence and what can the home owners association do about it?

Your governing documents -- including the Covenants, Conditions, Rules and Regulations, the By-Laws and any board meeting minutes or special resolutions in force for your community -- governing dog... Read More »

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What types of things are usually affiliated with loss of sleep?

Stress and anxiety can interrupt sleep patterns. Is your head buzzing when you wake up? Switch to decaffenated tea and coffee and cut out fizzy drinks. Don't eat after 8pm. Are you taking any co... Read More »

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