What types of contact lenses are there& what do they do?

Answer Contact lenses exist for comfort, vanity, enhanced correction and even therapeutic benefit. Lens types include soft contacts, colored contacts, hard contacts, bifocal contacts, toric contacts and c... Read More »

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Types of Non-Prescription Special-Effects Contact Lenses?

Special-effects contact lenses are soft contact lenses that have been designed for fun and entertainment purposes. People who need their vision corrected and those who don't can buy these lenses. B... Read More »

Can you feel contact lenses And are they hard?

I think it depends on what type of contacts you get really. The thinner is usually the most comfortable but in my own experience they aren't really and shift around more often, but thicker ones can... Read More »

Are there contact lenses for me?

You need to go and get a fitting. They will work out if there are suitable contacts for you at the fitting. contact perscriptions aren't always the same as your glasses perscription and have extra... Read More »

Contact lenses.Do they stop eye sight from getting worse?

Contact lenses won't decrease you power but it is better than wearing regular prescription glasses.I mean the rate at which your eye power increases is reduced by wearing contact lenses than prescr... Read More »