What types of alcoholic drinks would you recommend?

Answer I'm only 15 and I drink so I won't be lecturing you xD I like to drink Kristov blue lagoon and orange it's 9% but really good :3 the orange flavored pretty much just tastes like alcoholic orange ju... Read More »

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Hi I am going out tonight and I'm wondering what alcoholic drinks you would recommend?

yeah, try moderationif that fails try something that has a lower alcohol levelbeer works for me, can drink so many and know what i'm doing, and when it's time to go homeoh and Jameson is my spirit ... Read More »

Which foods and drinks would you recommend, if I'd visit your country?

doggone american food is so... AMERICANIZED (go figure!)______________________________________…if you were to visit my PART of the usa, i'd make sure you had...~walleye dinner, fresh fish right f... Read More »

What alcoholic drink do you recommend for a hot day?

When I'm in Cancun I always have a drink called a Time KillerIt sounds strange but its good and easy to makeYou need a 14oz pilsner if possible,Fill glass with iceSalt Ice Add one shot tequilaAdd j... Read More »

What are your 3 favourite alcoholic drinks?

1) Cachaca2) Patron Anejo then chased with a bottle of3) Cristal champagne