What types lights are used in photography?

Answer I prefer white lightning lights by the Paul Buff company. All my photographers use them.

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Why do they use red lights for photography?

Red, or more often amber filtered lamps of low wattage are used in print darkrooms because the photo sensitive materials used in printing are usually not sensitive to red or amber (red/orange) ligh... Read More »

How to Set up Indoor Photography Lights?

Setting up the studio for portraitsIf you are creating an indoor studio, whether temporary or permanent, you will need to have a good and consistent setup so that you know what you will be getting ... Read More »

What are the types of photography?

It all depends what is the criteria according to which you want to categorize them. Here some possibilities: Abstract photography Adventure photography Advertising photography Aerial photograp... Read More »

How much types of photography?

there are also many types of photography like :Adventure, Action;Amateur;Architecture, Real Estate;Artistic;Astrophotography;Black and white;Animal, Pet; etc