What type scanner needed for HP computer?

Answer Get the HP G-4010 which is a legal size scanner that allows you to scan negatives, slides, photos etc.... It is a legal size format which means you can scan 8 to 10 pics at a time.

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What type of computer scanner do I use to scan in drawing?

Scanning at 600/1200/higher would be good for your purpose.I think almost all scanners do similar quality scan at same price point. If you can, please go to a scan shop and pay a cent or so, and t... Read More »

How do I connect a scanner to my computer,the scanner I have has no usb socket on it only the old type socket?

DUDE!FEW of these folks got it right. "Old type socket" is pretty vague and can cause you all sorts of trouble.Many of these people are assuming that it is 25 pin Parallel port. That was only use... Read More »

What type of scanner would I need to put the images from film negatives onto my computer?

for the 3x5" you may be able to use normal scanner with a negative lid and component type scanner, if these negatives are large black and white glass plates, may need to be careful not to scratch s... Read More »

Scanner just stopped "connection with computer" not the wires. Scanner worked fine until now.?

Try turning off the scanner and turning it back on. You may have to uninstall and reinstall the drivers or any other software that came with your scanner. You should be able to download this soft... Read More »