What type off food should i offer at a party?

Answer Mexican 7 layer dip mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy

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Everybody bring one one item of food and have a party.what you will call for this type of party?

What kind of food should i serve at a 1year old's b-day party i was told party wings hot dogs and beans?

I don't many babies who eat wings and hot dogs are a huge choking hazard. And beans for a baby??? How about cupcakes, fruit, cheeses, some pasta.....

What type of Food is a Good Starter Food that is Easy to grow in a Garden?

Lettuces and other leafy greens are good to start with. They grow easily and can be eaten as they grow, just cut off leaves as you need them. A few herbs would be useful too, like parsley, corian... Read More »

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