What type off food should i offer at a party?

Answer Mexican 7 layer dip mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy

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Everybody bring one one item of food and have a party.what you will call for this type of party?

What kind of food should i serve at a 1year old's b-day party i was told party wings hot dogs and beans?

I don't many babies who eat wings and hot dogs are a huge choking hazard. And beans for a baby??? How about cupcakes, fruit, cheeses, some pasta.....

What type of food should my laying hens eat?

A laying hen's diet is more critical than the diet of chickens not laying. Laying hens provide food for people as well as chicks for hatching. The nutrients the chickens consume ultimately affect t... Read More »

What sort of food should I serve/buy for my superbowl party?