What type of your computer do you use right now is it brand new ?

Answer i use a laptopi got it this year so it pretty new..hpmaybe you'll reach a hundredloLgood luck

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Differences Between a Cheap Brand & an Expensive Brand Computer?

Over the last few years, the cost of purchasing a new computer has fallen dramatically. High specification models still come at a premium, as do those from well-known brand names. Purchasing a less... Read More »

What brand and/or type of camera is this ?

maybe you should go to a photo shop or somewhere that has camera's and ask them. or it could possibly be a Leica D-LUX 2. Ask someone.

"What is the best type of brand-name labtop to buy"?

Asus. Period. You will not find another company that offers such powerful components in such a high quality laptop for less, especially not with a 2 year warranty. Toshiba is also good quality, but... Read More »