What type of worms do cats get?

Answer Worms in cats are very common. A cat can pick up an intestinal worm from a variety of things and places. Pay close attention to your cat to determine the type of possible worms that your cat may be... Read More »

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How do cats get worms?

Cats are at risk for infection from worms. Because worms can be hazardous to your health as well as your cat's, it is important to protect your cat against infection.WormsParasitic worms that infec... Read More »

How to Check Cats for Worms?

Many domestic cats, whether they live inside or outdoors, are prone to getting intestinal parasites, also known as worms. The 3 most common types of worms seen in cats are tapeworms, roundworms and... Read More »

Worms & Tapeworms in Cats?

At one point or another during any cat's life, some type of worm may be present. Worms are a type of parasite that feed off a host. Unfortunately, these worms can be spread between pets and their h... Read More »

How to Cure Worms in Cats?

Your feline friend may have a long battle ahead to get rid of worms. The reinfection rate is high when it comes to tape worms, one of the most common intestinal parasites that affect cats. Mature t... Read More »