What type of wood was the cross of Jesus made of?

Answer According to the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, the cross on which Jesus was crucified was made of pine wood. Other traditions suggest dogwood or cedar as the wood of Jesus' cross.Source:New Adv... Read More »

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What kind of wood was used for Jesus's cross?

The wood used to make the crucifixion cross for Jesus is not stated in the Bible. Fragments of the cross, through microscopic examination, revealed the cross was made out of pine, according to New ... Read More »

What kind of tree was the cross of Jesus made of?

Scholars have no solid evidence to prove what type of tree may have been used when Jesus was crucified. However, popular legend suggests that Roman soldiers may have used a dogwood tree.Source:Prom... Read More »

What wood was the cross made of?

It is unknown what type of wood the cross Jesus was crucified on was made out of, as the Bible does not mention any specific wood. The Romans also did not keep records of what kind of wood was used... Read More »

What wood was Christ's cross made from?

The Bible does not specifically say what wood Christ's cross was made of. Some theories suggest it was made of oak while others say it was made from an olive tree.References:Catholic Treasures Book... Read More »