What type of wood is needed to build a planter box?

Answer When building a planter box, you should select wood that will provide a sturdy support for your soil and plants, but that also will resist rot, mildew and insect infestations.Types of WoodWhen choo... Read More »

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What Type of Stand Is Needed for "Topsy Turvy" Planter?

"Topsy Turvy" is the registered trademark for a planter bag to grow vegetables upside down, and a hook to hang it on. Originally sold for tomatoes, the company sells products for other plants, incl... Read More »

How much wood was needed to build Noah's Ark?

According to the Bible, each side of Noah's Ark was 300 cubits long and 30 cubits high. The square cubits of one side would be 9,000 cubits. Multiplied by two sides, Noah's Ark would take more than... Read More »

How do I calculate how much wood is needed to build a wall?

Wall SizeMeasure the wall height and width to determine the height of the studs along with the lengths of the bottom and top plates. You need one stud at each end of the wall and one stud every 16 ... Read More »

What type of wood is used to build speaker boxes?

Speaker boxes can be made of a wide variety of materials, and the specific material used is usually reflective of the builder's personal preferences. The most common wood materials used for the box... Read More »