What type of wood is ash?

Answer Ash is a hardwood that represents 4.6 percent of the U.S. commercial hardwood market. The wood comes from a tree of the same name. Ash has a coarse texture with a generally straight grain. Its colo... Read More »

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What type of wood is used for plank-type row boats?

Marine plywood is often used for plank-type rowboats. This wood composite has been specially treated to resist moisture found in marine settings. Douglas fir and cypress planks can also be used. Ce... Read More »

What is you favorite type of wood?

My favorite is hickory. I love the color and grain variations. I have hickory cabinets and vanities throughout my house.

What type of wood is used in pencils?

Pencils have been made from several types of wood. Pencils made in the United States prior to the 1900s were made from Eastern red cedar; however, pencils made since that time are made from Califor... Read More »

What is the type of wood called ash?

The wood called ash comes from the ash tree, which grows throughout North America. A large deciduous tree, ash wood is popular hardwood with furniture manufacturers due to its ability to bend witho... Read More »