What type of wood are telephone poles made of?

Answer Telephone poles are constructed from various types of wood, including Douglas fir, Southern pine and Western red cedar. The wood is pressure and chemically treated in order to keep it from rotting,... Read More »

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What are telephone poles made from?

Telephone poles are made from wood. The trees that are used for these poles include Douglas fir, Pacific silver fir and Lodgepole pine. When the telephone poles are made, the wood is treated to rep... Read More »

What are telephone poles made of?

Telephone poles are mostly made from various types of pine tree trunks. The most common type of tree for telephone poles -- more properly called utility poles -- is Southern Yellow Pine. Other pine... Read More »

How far apart are telephone poles?

Telephone poles (really utility poles, since telephone poles carry only telephone lines) vary in spacing, height and other details. Generally, most poles are about 100 feet apart, stand anywhere fr... Read More »

How many feet are between telephone poles?

Telephone poles are generally set at 125 feet apart. However, this number can sometimes range between 100 and 150 feet, depending on circumstances. The height of a standard telephone pole is 35 fee... Read More »