What type of wood are clarinets made of?

Answer Wooden clarinets are most commonly made from an African wood called grenadilla, harvested from the tree Dalbergia Melanoxylon (known in eastern Africa as mpingo). Portuguese explorers discovered th... Read More »

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When were clarinets first made of plastic?

The clarinet was first made of plastic in 1948. The Selmer company developed a clarinet that year with a plastic body. The product was so well received that production of the metal clarinet was sto... Read More »

Where are Schill brand clarinets made?

Though the brand name sounds German, Schill clarinets are manufactured in China, and imported to the United States and Europe. The Schill brand of woodwind and brass instruments is widely considere... Read More »

A Comparison of Clarinets & Bass Clarinets?

Clarinets and bass clarinets are versatile instruments that can be heard on every kind of music from classical to jazz. Part of the woodwind family, clarinets are often a prominent part of orchestr... Read More »

What type of wood is a furniture made of?

a furnitureInterior Doors & WindowsMultiple hardware, glazing & color options from FENESTA. Order Now! : www.Fenesta.comBirch PlywoodFilmfaced Birch Plywood Flexible Plywood, Marin Plywood : Read More »