What type of wine is best for prolonging your lifespan?

Answer…In a study of hundreds of wines from around the globe, Cornell researcher Leroy Creasy found the highest resveratrol levels in pinot noir grapes grown in ... Read More »

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Can a life be saved Or is it really a prolonging of the inevitable?

Hi Terry. Sounds as though you are a bit down today, sorry to hear that. Personally, I feel that when you had your surgery last year your life was saved and prolonged all at the same time. If yo... Read More »

I cant get any information about this type of wine, someone help.?

LoL, this old gem of a question. You want to find a wine appraiser and pay him/her to evaluate the wine for you.

Is there a type of red wine without alcohol?

What type of wine is Pinot Grigio?

Pinot Grigio is a white wine grown in three regions of Northern Italy. Although it’s categorized as white, Pinot Grigio actually has a slight yellow or copper cast from contact with the grape ski... Read More »