What type of wine goes well with road kill?

Answer Moon shine is the bestAlabama preferablyHow do you know if it is good and pure....if it burns a cool blue flameThat will put the hair on your chest

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Is it ok to eat road kill?

I knew a cajun family that the meat portion of their evening gumbo was usually road kill of the day.

What type of poem is the road not taken?

The poem is a lyric poem. Although we see the use of a rhyme scheme and pentameter, we can say that it is a mere form of expression and no major technique was made use of.

If I have an entire 750 ml's bottle of wine or champagne three times a week will it kill me?

Sounds more expensive based on the liquors you're drinking than it does deadly.

Okay boys, you see a girl walking down the road she is your PERFECT type, what does she look like?

Hair: Very dark, but not black. Very long to back and wavy!Eyes: BlueNot fake tan, not too pale. Olive colored is nice.She's about 5'5''-5'7'' and average to a thin weight.. Average breasts, not... Read More »