What type of wheelchair should I get?

Answer Check out the major ultralight wheelchair companies: TiLite, Colours (yes, there's a 'u' in there), and Quickie. They have very nice chairs for all ages.Then, once you have an idea of what you wan... Read More »

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What type of fruits, vegetables, I should eat and also what what type of cardio exercise I should do?

Keep it simple, eat WHOLE foods. Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds, Nuts, and whole grains (not wheat). Cardio will get you slim, but will not build muscle (except maybe legs). You need to do abs exercise.... Read More »

I need a wheelchair cover for a motorized wheelchair. any ideas where to buy one?

There are a number of retailers which offer them both online and in regular storefronts. Most often if you want to purchase locally, check for your Yellow Pages for a local medical supply store or... Read More »

How Steep Should a Wheelchair Ramp Be?

The Internet gives us so many conveniences that we may rarely think of the looming dangers. Protect yourself, your business or your children from potholes on the information superhighway with softw... Read More »

What type of lens should I use for infrared type photos?

The lens has nothing to do with infrared photography. Its all about your camera. Your DSLR has an infrared cut-off filter that blocks infrared light from hitting the sensor. This is necessary since... Read More »