What type of websites do you all visit for fun?

Answer http://www.bored.comhttp://www.i-am-bored.com Read More »

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What are some fun websites for teenagers 2 visit?

http://www.bored.comhttp://www.i-am-bored.com Read More »

What kind of websites get YOU to visit them often?

I like websites that are informative about things i enjoy, i.e:Website Design/DevelopementForumsetc/...I also love websites with fantastic looking design. such as Web 2.0

How can I prevent or find out if my boss is monitoring what websites I visit at work?

While your boss likely doesn't get a report of what websites you are going to (he/she doesn't have the time and shouldn't have to babysit you), it's very likely that your IT department can tell. T... Read More »

What are some cool websites to visit in the internet when you are bored? and vote on public opinion polls, share knowledge and express opinions in a dynamic social community.A place to ask questions, voice opinions and find friends.http://... Read More »