What type of weater conditions does an oak tree grow?

Answer hi there for an oak tree to grow it needs mild temperature with small amounts of water at first then a bit more when it starts to develop. As it gets bigger the temperature should drop a little and... Read More »

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Does yeast grow in acid or alkaline conditions?

On One Hand: In Acid ConditionsDr. Robert Young, a researcher in the study of yeast and molds and their impact on human health, writes that over-acidity results in yeast (Candida) overgrowth. Conse... Read More »

Does Comfrey prefer sunny or shady conditions to grow in?

Most sources recommend full sun, but in a warmer climate this is too much, and half sun is preferable.

What Type of Soil Does a Beech Tree Need?

Beech trees are a popular tree option for homeowners, especially those who live in mild climates and are looking for a medium growth tree that can add beauty throughout the year. The beech tree is... Read More »

What type of tree does fatwood come from?

Fatwood comes from the stumps of longleaf pine trees, a type of tree that can live up to 300 years, according to the University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Conservation. People often ... Read More »