What type of virus is hpv?

Answer HPV, or human papillomavirus, belongs to the Papillomaviridae family of DNA viruses. Some types of HPV can cause what are commonly called cervical warts and abnormal cellular changes in sexually ac... Read More »

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Internet virus type how to combat it?

Step by step instructions…UPDATE-bleeping computer is the TOP place to go for ur virus issues- i guaranty that IF u follow the steps in the above link- u w... Read More »

Which type of anti virus is good for pc?

I love the reasons people give for anti-viruses being the best. *rolleyes*Things like: "AVG - it's Free".So what if it's free - is it any good? Sadly the answer is no.So many people now have AVG o... Read More »

How to Manually Delete Any Type of Virus?

If you think you have a virus, it can be a real hassle. Because most antivirus programs cannot target newly designed worms and horses, removal can be a big pain in the neck. You're better off delet... Read More »

What is the BEST trojan or any type of virus removal program?

Anti-Virus programs suck. They slow down your computer like crazy, then you just think you must have a virus because it's so slow. Get rid of them all!Use Ad-Aware, freeware version, by Lavasoft.... Read More »