What type of trees do cocoa beans come from?

Answer Cocoa beans, the primary ingredient in the production of chocolate, come from the tree theobroma cacao, more commonly referred to as a cocoa or cacao tree. They grow at elevations of 650 to 1,300 f... Read More »

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How to Buy Cocoa Beans?

Cocoa beans are produced in pods on the cocoa tree. The pods range in color from red to yellow to green and are shaped like footballs. Cocoa pods take five to six months to ripen enough for harvest... Read More »

Where do cocoa beans come from?

Cocao beans are the seeds of the Theobroma cacao or cocoa tree, which is an evergreen tree that grows in the tropic region of the Americas. It grows primarily in the low foothills of the Andes Moun... Read More »

How to Harvest Cocoa Beans?

The cocoa bean is the fruit of the cocoa tree. The bean is used as a base to make chocolate. Beans are produced in pods that contain approximately 40 beans each. The trees are hard to care for and... Read More »

How are cocoa beans made?

Cocoa beans are grown and harvested before being processed to produce chocolate. Growers cultivate cocoa trees, harvesting cocoa beans twice a year, then fermenting and drying the beans to prepare ... Read More »