What type of trees do cocoa beans come from?

Answer Cocoa beans, the primary ingredient in the production of chocolate, come from the tree theobroma cacao, more commonly referred to as a cocoa or cacao tree. They grow at elevations of 650 to 1,300 f... Read More »

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Where do cocoa beans come from?

Cocao beans are the seeds of the Theobroma cacao or cocoa tree, which is an evergreen tree that grows in the tropic region of the Americas. It grows primarily in the low foothills of the Andes Moun... Read More »

Where do cocoa beans originate from?

Cocoa beans grow on cocoa trees (theobroma cacao), which are currently found in the basins of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers. Cocoa trees are thought to have originated in southeastern Mexico, but r... Read More »

What climate do cocoa beans grow in?

The ideal climate for growing cocoa beans is a tropical climate that is hot and humid, with temperatures that never drop below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Much of the world's cocoa comes from Central Am... Read More »

What country produces the most cocoa beans?

According to All Chocolate, Côte d'Ivoire in Africa produces the most cocoa beans, with 1.4 million tons every year. The continent of Africa provides 70 percent of all the cocoa beans in the world... Read More »