What type of tree is the maple?

Answer As far as I know is a maple tree one of the Acer family, The maple leaf is the leaf of the Canadian Ahorn or Esdoorn

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What is the scientific name for a red maple tree?

Red maple trees, which are scientifically named Acer rubrum, are part of the Dicot plant group and the Aceraceae family, according to the United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database web... Read More »

What Time of Year Does the Silver Maple Tree Put Out?

The silver maple (Acer saccharinum) is the fastest growing maple tree grown in the United States, adding 10 to 12 feet in height every four to five years. This quick growth, however, has its disadv... Read More »

What should I put on a large wound in a big maple tree to keep the insects and disease out of it?

Ed , please explain why we should not use a wound dressing (?) Because that is what I would do . Seems to me it would be vary important to seal this kind of damage . Ed , thanks for answerin... Read More »

Red Maple Tree Problems?

If trees had signature colors, the red maple would own the trademark on red. The red maple, also called the scarlet maple and swamp maple, earned its name from the bright red foliage that its dark ... Read More »