What type of tree is the maple?

Answer As far as I know is a maple tree one of the Acer family, The maple leaf is the leaf of the Canadian Ahorn or Esdoorn

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Red Maple Tree Problems?

If trees had signature colors, the red maple would own the trademark on red. The red maple, also called the scarlet maple and swamp maple, earned its name from the bright red foliage that its dark ... Read More »

Maple-Tree Species?

Thirteen species of maple are native to North America, with dozens native to Europe and Asia. Maple trees display spectacular autumn color in cold climates. Most species of North American maples ar... Read More »

How to Tap a Tree for Maple Syrup?

Many of us enjoy maple syrup with our food. Unfortunately though, it can be expensive to buy maple syrup. If you happen to know where a maple tree is, you can follow these simple steps on how to ma... Read More »

Maple Tree Fun Facts?

Maple trees are ornamental trees often known for the syrup they produce. Maple syrup is obtained from maple trees during a specific season during the year, usually late winter and early spring. The... Read More »