What type of tree does mahogany wood come from?

Answer Mahogany wood comes from the mahogany tree, Swietenia mahogani, in the Meliaceae family. The tree grows in zones 10-11 and is native to Florida and the Caribbean. According to Floridata, mahogany t... Read More »

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Where does mahogany wood come from?

Mahogany is native to the everglade region of Florida, the Caribbean, South America, India, Indonesia and other tropical and subtropical forests across the world. Mahogany is often used in making f... Read More »

What tree does box wood come from?

Boxwood comes from boxwood trees. These shrubby, dense and hardy evergreens belong to the horticultural genus Buxus. There are about 90 known species, and more than 150 different ways to cultivate ... Read More »

What tree does mesquite wood come from?

Mesquite wood comes from mesquite trees, which are abundant in the southwestern United States. The name of their genus is Prosopis. The trees often grow in thickets, and their wood is commonly used... Read More »

What type of tree does fatwood come from?

Fatwood comes from the stumps of longleaf pine trees, a type of tree that can live up to 300 years, according to the University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Conservation. People often ... Read More »