What type of treatment is best for a previously stained exterior wood?

Answer On One Hand: There are Many Finishes AvailableIn 2010 you have a wide variety of finishes available for exterior wood. There are film-forming finishes such as paint and penetrating finishes such as... Read More »

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What type of wood is used for plank-type row boats?

Marine plywood is often used for plank-type rowboats. This wood composite has been specially treated to resist moisture found in marine settings. Douglas fir and cypress planks can also be used. Ce... Read More »

Wood Furniture Treatment?

Treating wood furniture will preserve the surface and finish for many years. Outside furniture will last longer if properly treated, and indoor furniture will be protected from spills, food and pet... Read More »

Wood Insect Treatment?

Selecting the correct wood insect treatment starts with proper identification of the pest. Oftentimes when the damage becomes noticeable an infestation is already well-established. Assessing the sc... Read More »

Wolmanized Wood Treatment?

Wolmanized lumber is pressure treated to impregnate the wood with a preservative. Raw lumber is dried and then placed in a vacuum chamber. A vacuum reduces the pressure in the chamber, pulling mois... Read More »