What type of training is required of a guide dog?

Answer Guide dogs help mobility-impaired people to live independent lives. After being socialized and taught basic obedience, a guide dog deemed suitable begins formal training at 18 months of age, accord... Read More »

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What type of aditional training is required for marine biologist?

What type of education/training is required to work as a pediatric nurse?

Pediatric nurse training provides the necessary knowledge to teach students how to care for children who are critically ill. Under the supervision of a pediatrician, pediatric nurses work in the Pe... Read More »

What training is required for the cia?

The CIA was developed to get intelligence from foreign countrys to give to the president so that he/she can make good decisions for the nation that involve foreign interaction.

What age is required for NASA's training?

if my calculations are correct.....i say that the age for NASA's training is as soon as you are potty trained.....jk......until you are 30