What type of technology is the ipod?

Answer I guess its music technology. Concidering it plays music. But then there is the Ipad that you can watch tv on so its advanced technology....

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Is a vacuum cleaner a type of technology?

Yes of course!Technology is the sum of the ways in which humans provide themselves with the material objects to make life easier.A cardboard box is technology!

How do you decide which type of mobile technology to adopt for your lifestyle?

I go for multifunctional technologies. all in one cell phone, wifi, mp3 player, camera, voice recorder, video, games … waiting for the new iphone. Although, not using all functionalities every da... Read More »

What type of strawberry plant is sweet plentiful and easy to grow in an indoor Aerogarden which uses hydroponics technology?

I have just learned that the following website has "Sweet Rubies" which is a good strawberry plant to grow in an Aerogarden:

My iPod touch screen is stuck on zoom and i dont know how to fix it any one like a technology smart person?

This could be one of three things. 1. Double tap the screen using three fingers see if that works.2. Put your index finger on the top right of the screen and thumb at the bottom left and pinch toge... Read More »