What type of tea or coffee do you drink and what brand?

Answer i drink black coffee in the morning followed by several mugs of rooibos tea all day

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What brand of coffee do you drink at home?

I drink Boresha Coffee. Organic and good for you!

Which is your favourite brand of coffee that you drink?

I am German,and i love the coffee "Gala Nr1.It is made out of coffee beans.It is just lovely,when you smell that perculatet coffee in the morning.Oh gosch...I try to put a link in now...http://www.... Read More »

What's the most caffeinated coffee blend, type, brand available?

Technically the most caffeinated brands you can get are the disgusting types of coffee that you get at Wal-Mart ie..Folgers, Maxwell House, etc.That is because they are Robusta coffees. Robusta typ... Read More »

What type of coffee can I drink that has less caffeine in it?

Hey Kitty - decaf !! has same flavor , no caffine.