What type of tack is used for a lipizzan horse?

Answer Lipizzan horses have natural, inborn abilities that allow them to be excellent dressage horses. An English-style tack or a more specific dressage saddle is used in competition. Lipizzans are quite ... Read More »

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What type of tack is used on a lipizzan horse?

Lipizzan horses are usually ridden with a dressage saddle, an English-style saddle without a prominent saddle horn on the pommel. The leather flaps hang straight down, unlike a jumping saddle, whi... Read More »

How to Measure a Horse When Buying Horse Tack?

To make sure that your horse's tack fits properly, you should measure your horse to determine the proper size for a saddle (western or English), bridle and bit before buying tack or using another h... Read More »

How to Tack up a Horse?

Tacked up and ready to goTack is the equipment used to get a horse ready for riding unless you are riding bareback. For English riding, it usually consists of a saddle blanket, saddle, bridle, girt... Read More »

What tack do you need to own a horse?

Basic tack includes a halter and lead rope so you can lead your horse around or tie him up. For riding you will need a bridle, either one with a bit or a hackamore, and a saddle. All tack should fi... Read More »