What type of substances are lemon juice&vinegar?

Answer Lemon juice and vinegar are both acids because they rate less than 7 on the pH scale, according to Elmhurst College. Substances rating more than 7 on the pH scale are classified as bases and can be... Read More »

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What Substances Contain Polyatomic Ions?

An ion is an atom that has either a positive or negative charge due to different numbers of protons and electrons. A polyatomic ion, therefore, is a charged molecule composed of at least two covale... Read More »

What Substances Do Paper Towels Contain?

Buying household products like toilet paper, garbage bags and paper towels is unlike buying food in that you don't typically consider what goes into making these products. Paper towels, like other ... Read More »

What Substances Remove Scratches Off of Cars?

Scratches on the body of a car are irritating. Unfortunately, you can't completely avoid getting them. Sometimes a scratch will be caused by the edge of a gate as you drive out of your compound. So... Read More »

What substances turn red litmus paper blue?

Red litmus paper turns blue when it is exposed to any substance with an alkalinity higher than 7 on the pH scale. These substances are known as "bases." Some examples of bases are ammonia, baking s... Read More »