What type of storage is random access memory?

Answer There are many types of memory used with computer systems. Some methods of storage force the computer to access data in a specific order, but with random access memory (RAM), a computer can immedia... Read More »

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What is random access memory?

Random access memory, or RAM, stores temporary information while a computer runs, allowing you to open and close programs. While hard drive storage will accomplish the same task, RAM operates at a ... Read More »

Who invented random access memory?

Robert Heath Dennard invented random access memory in 1967. Dennard was the first to create and patent the one-transistor dynamic random access memory, or DRAM, which is now used as the standard in... Read More »

Why Is RAM Called Random Access Memory?

Random Access Memory (RAM) may seem a strange or illogical name at first glance. However, the name directly reflects the hardware's function within the computer and also serves the very important f... Read More »

Why is random access memory important?

While all parts of a computer serve a function, random access memory, or RAM, is where the real work takes place. A computer serves no useful purpose without RAM, and RAM directly affects the compu... Read More »