What type of storage is random access memory?

Answer There are many types of memory used with computer systems. Some methods of storage force the computer to access data in a specific order, but with random access memory (RAM), a computer can immedia... Read More »

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What is random access memory?

Random access memory, or RAM, stores temporary information while a computer runs, allowing you to open and close programs. While hard drive storage will accomplish the same task, RAM operates at a ... Read More »

What is random access memory measured in?

Random access memory, or RAM, is a type of computer memory storage, usually in the form of an integrated circuit chip. The memory capacity measurement is in bytes, and typically ranges from several... Read More »

What is static random access memory?

Static random access memory (commonly abbreviated SRAM) is a type of computer memory commonly used to increase the performance of a computer.FunctionSRAM stores digital information (1s and 0s) in a... Read More »

What is synchronous dynamic random access memory?

Synchronous dynamic random access memory is a type of memory that computers use. It is often represented by the acronym SDRAM. SDRAM is what your computer uses to store data when using applications... Read More »