What type of stew would someone named stewie like..?

Answer BE THE ''Haggis'' broth there matey ?

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Chicken Stew or Beef stew Which do you like better?

I'll please take the beef, thank you, Scooter!

How would someone become a doctor in the Coast Guard Reserves and what type of things they would do?

17 Jun 2010 @ 0800 hours; you should be able to view the list at: (See the link Below)

Would like to know what type of web cam is best?

Id go for a microsoft one in the £60 area, they are usuily best.

Simple food question. Which type of Omelette from this list do you like better ow would like to try?

I love Greek Omelets. If you ever get a chance a spinach and mozzarella omelet it also delicious.