What type of specimen is required for most blood tests?

Answer Most blood tests require a sample of 5 ml to 20 ml or about 1 tsp to 4 tsp. Depending on the type of blood test your physician has ordered, you may be required to fast for up to 12 hours before hav... Read More »

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If mother is O blood type and father is A blood type - what blood type will the baby have?

Let's go to genotypes... If it's AA X OO= AO, AO, AO, AO --> 100% Blood type A (AO) If it's AO X OO= AO, AO, OO, OO --> 50% Blood type A (AO), 50% Blood type of O (OO)

Why are TC DC blood tests are conducted by pricking the finger while other blood tests r not done tht way?

Actually u have misunderstood the concept... Know some facts about this which will clear ur doubts... 1) TC is total count or the number of WBCs/ white blood cells per cubic mm of blood2) DC is dif... Read More »

If a mother is O blood type and a father is O blood type what type will baby be?

What is the strongest&most elastic type of blood vessel?

Elastic arteries are the strongest, most elastic and largest type of blood vessels. Elastic arteries are most often found in close proximity to the heart and have more elastin than any other type o... Read More »