What type of source is Wikipedia?

Answer Wikipedia is a tertiary source. Its articles are a summary of the published material from reputable publishers which are secondary sources. These are listed in the References section of the Wikiped... Read More »

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What are some pros and cons of using Wikipedia as a valig source?

The major con is that the information on Wikipedia simply may not be accurate. It is a peer reviewed website,which means that people can go and put up what what they know, think they know, or want ... Read More »

How does wikipedia survive without advertisements and money What is source of it's income?

It survives on donations from gullible people. The Wikimedia Foundation raises several million dollars each year, even though one million dollars would be quite enough to keep the website running a... Read More »

Is wikipedia a bad source?

i use it all the time and it is just peoples views from what they may have read elsewhere so i always back it up by looking for the information on other websites too, because in some research ive d... Read More »

Why is Wikipedia not a valid source?

Wikipedia should not be used as a cited source for two very good reasons:1. It is not peer reviewed before publication. Especially including the fact that most people can edit, this is a major prob... Read More »