What type of soil is used to start a garden?

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How can i find out which type of soil is there in my garden?

The soil where I live is quite rough. I live in a small block of flats built on a WW2 bomb site, which was later used as a rag and bone yard. So there are lots of old bricks and lumps of goodness k... Read More »

What type of soil to use in georgia for garden?

Clay is hard to grow in. Your best bet is to make a raised bed to grow your veggies in. Ordinary, inexpensive topsoil, with some compost mixed in, will be light-years better than heavy clay soil.

What type of soil do you use to grow a vegetable garden?

ANSWER:Any soil will work but I would recommend taking a soil sample and sending it off to the local county agricultural extension office for a detailed soil analysis. It costs a few dollars and it... Read More »

Fungus in the Garden Soil?

Soil fungi are among the world's largest living organisms. According to scientists from Palomar College, one of the largest examples is in a northern Michigan forest -- an individual Armallaria bul... Read More »