What type of soil is best for growing beans?

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What type of soil is the best for growing plants?

Loamy soil is the best soil to grow is nor sandy or drains water holds more water.

What type of soil for growing cucumbers?

We grow ours directly into "worked soil" (a compost that has been tilled into the earth.) Potting soil could be used in place of compost.

The Best Beans for Acidic Soil?

Most beans prefer a slightly acidic soil, but several beans can survive at pH levels below 6. The pH scale is measured acidic to basic from 0 to 14 with 7 being a balanced pH. It is common for bean... Read More »

A Science Project for Growing Beans?

The growing cycle of plants can fascinate children as they witness plants progress from seeds to germination and then transition into plants. Bean seeds are inexpensive and germinate quickly to fac... Read More »